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Creating Celebrity Status in your industry isn’t about working hard. It’s about working smart!

It’s about knowing the tricks of the trade. It’s about learning how to market yourself effectively. It’s about building up your Celebrity Status. It’s about learning how to make yourself stand out in the crowd.

Like most savvy business people you probably know that publicity is 7 times more credible than advertising? It’s true. With advertising, prospects have their defenses up. Publicity on the other hand is often seen as helpful news and information

Nobody likes to be sold to. Yet nearly all of us like being informed, so we can make our own choices and decisions. Have you noticed what happens when you come across an interesting bit of news? We’ll even go out of way to share interesting news stories with colleagues and peers.

If you grasp the key strategies for properly presenting yourself as an expert advisor, people will eagerly hand you a lot of money for your advice. It’s important to grasp that the ocean of money is already flowing. All you have to do is put yourself in its way.

How to Obtain National Acclaim!
What that means is getting the word out that you exist simply by Self-Promoting yourself and your business for as little money out of your pocket as possible!

How to use Facebook, Blogging, Twitter and YouTube to generate tons of business FOR FREE!
From posting on Facebook, My Blog, Twitter and YouTube, and none of it cost me a dime.

How to Write a Small Book (or learn how to get someone to write it for you very inexpensively) to Promote Your Business so you are IMMEDIATELY perceived as an expert and celebrity in your field, thus attracting clients directly to you!!!

How to Self-Publish your book in ONLY 30 DAYS.
Self publishing is the way to go. You do not want to wait a year to get an agent, and another year to get a publisher, and then another year to edit the book the way the publisher wants it. Anissa teaches you everything about self publishing a book from layout to print.

How You Can Advertise Your Business to Thousands of Potential Customers for the Cost of a Starbucks Coffee a day!!!
Print advertising is expensive, and not as cost-effective as it used to be. Newspapers are going out of business and magazines are feeling the crunch as well. But there are many ways to promote your products and services to millions of potential customers for only pennies a day.

How to Drive Customers to Your Website simply by Blogging — FREE!
One of the most effective ways to drive people to your sites is by blogging. But hardly anyone does it the “right” way.

How to Start Your Own Business so You Can GET OUT OF THE CORPORATE RAT RACE!!!
You’ve seen the news! Corporate jobs are on the decline, and have been for a while. Consider an exit strategy now, on your own terms, instead of waiting for the inevitable. Start your own small business while you still have a job. You need to take care of yourself, because no one else will.

We’re here to serve the world in a BIG way. Each and every one of us entrepreneurs has the capacity to become the full expression of our purpose here on earth, but to do so, we must take a no-excuses approach to growing within.